Grade 3 Trip to Ecabazini

Mrs Karssing writes

On 10 October, the Grade 3s set off for Ecabazini – an authentic Zulu village situated on the banks of the Albert Falls Dam, which is currently only 40% full. The children slept on the floor in beehive huts and ate traditional Zulu food. Not one of them turned their noses to the spinach, butternut and phutu served with the chicken and Zulu bread, all made over an open fire.

Amongst the activities they took part in were stick fighting, (the result of which were red lines on legs!) spear throwing, Zulu dancing, beading, making clay pots and milking and learning about the Nguni cows which slept in the isibaya close to our huts.

It was fascinating watching our guide turn on his gas stove by using only cow dung and water! It was an eye-opener to see how much can be used out of nature. The children absorbed a tremendous amount of knowledge about the Zulu culture.