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The Arts are alive and thriving at Clifton Notties.

Here are a few current facts:
-120 children sing in choirs
- 57 children play in marimba bands
- 12 children play in the Clifton Band
- 46 children are learning to play musical instruments individually
- All the Grade 3 children are learning to play guitar, violin, clarinet and recorder
- On the Drama front all 270 children perform in a production annually
- Annual Art exhibitions take place where the children’s work is displayed
- 32 children attend extra Art Club
- 26 children attend extra Drama Club
- Between 30 and 40 children enter the local Drama and Music Eisteddfods annually
- EVERY single Clifton boy and girl passes through the Art and Culture doors three to four times a WEEK for Art, Drama and Music lessons.

Our plan for the first steps are:
1) Officially appointing the architect for drawings, scope, costing for a new building
2) Architect – old building possibilities. This is exciting for the Clifton campus and long term Estate management
3) Planning events/platforms that will be used to start generating awareness and funds of the DREAM

With all this enthusiasm we have outgrown our facilities and have a DREAM for a NEW building. A building with spacious, light teaching areas, music practice rooms, a proper performing/concert space, art display areas and more. Our DREAM is a building within the ethos of Clifton, a building that will inspire creative thought and collaboration and a building that the wider community could also utilise. Sharing our space with outreach projects such as Music Voyage, hosting shows and movie nights, making the spaces available for dance and music lessons, after hours Art classes etc. etc. would generate funding to cover operating costs for this DREAM facility too.

If we build a NEW facility Clifton will also gain the current Arts and Culture building which consists of four classroom, storage rooms and the SP Hall space. The options for the current building are endless. We could relocate the San or Library. We could fit out a Science lab or establish a boarding house especially for Junior Primary children. These are just a few of the wonderful ideas that would benefit the school as a whole enormously!

Clifton has been privileged to have benefited hugely from generous benefactors and donors in our 75 years and this project will require no less. This is very big dream, but what do we have if we can’t dream?


We have already raised just over R30 000 to kickstart the DREAM at the 75th Dinner (a BIG thank you to all who donated!), once we reach the first target of R50 000 we will be able to get going!

How can you get involved? You can share your bright ideas for fundraising and getting benefactors involved with us, you can make a donations by contacting, and you can help spread the DREAM to the community.

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